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Cathedral of Inaccurate Conception
Cathedral of Inaccurate Conception
12" x 16"
Acrylic on Canvas

This church sits at Front Street and Broadway in Tyler, Texas.
It's a beautiful church but I'm really concerned about what they are teaching children.
Reproduction is such a sensetive subject here in the bible belt. It's a wonder every girl of a certain age isn't pregnant.
But what the kids get is more judgement than science, more myth than fact.
Regardless of what you believe kids need to know the truth about where babies come from.
Given the level of technology and the pervasiveness of sex online I find it difficult to believe that the parents of those kids are doing anything that might actually protect them from an unwanted pregnancy.
Ultimately I think those parents are undermining their own authority by lying to their kids about where Jesus came from. But that's faith for ya.

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