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Foreign Shores
Foreign Shores
14" x 14"
Acrylic on Canvas

It was the summer of 79 when I first set foot on foerign soil

It seemd a lot like Florida, and maybe that's an appropriate comparison

The people weren't what I had been told to expect, they were clean, friendly, and went out of their way to welcome me. But I was different.

The women would look at me, touch me, and say, "Amirillo" because of my blonde hair.

They were also honest to a fault. I left my $400 camera at one of the locations I visited. I had left some papers in the case from the Hotel I was staying at. When I returned to the hotel that evening the desk clerk said someone had called to let me know they had my camera. I asked if a reward was requested and I would be happy to pay for the camera's return. No reward, just go pick it up.

Similar situation at the airport. My girlfriend was already on the plane and I couldn't locate my ticket. Moments later as I stood in the terminal a young man approached me and asked if I was with the American Express tour. Why yes I am, how did you know. He handed me my passport, ticket, wallet, and all the things I had left at the front desk as I was hastily checking out. This was my second wake up call.

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