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A Prickly Situation - 16" x 20" - 469-441-8771 for sales
A Prickly Situation
18" x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas

Dusty streets in a small West Texas town give the whole scene a sense of being abandoned - is this a movie backlot for some forgotten western epic? You might think you had walked into the 1800s were it not for the date on your watch, August 21, 2020. It is true that some things never seem to change, but look closer, there is always change.

I took a photo of this Prickly Pear Cactus while Alexis Turner and I were camping in Mineral Wells State Park. Everything had been teriffic as we left the park headed back to Dallas. We decided to go north instead of east and about 5 miles out of town the front right wheel started to screech and smoke. I slowed down and turned around to try to get to a gas station and restaurant we had just passed. It was only about a mile back but before we got that far the wheel gave out completely and began to shreak and continued smoking as it also began to wobble wildly from side to side. It took almost an hour to make it to the gas station.

We called tripple A and a man in the restaurant told us of a mechanic that was just another mile or so back toward town. Alexis called her father to come get us, which thankfully he did.
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